To win the AMR battle, innovation and collaboration are key!

As innovators who are passionate about global health, we’re excited to support World #AMR Awareness Week 2023. Let’s amplify the message and create awareness about the importance of combating drug-resistant infections.

Vaccines play a pivotal role in preventing infectious diseases, with the potential to limit the spread of AMR infections, reduce the use of antimicrobials, and preserve the benefits and value of antimicrobials. Numerous vaccines on the market have demonstrated significant effectiveness against AMR and reduced the need to use antibiotics for the infections that they prevent. There is today an urgency to develop new prophylactic vaccines which could play a critical role in preventing high-threat bacterial infections associated with AMR.

The high burden of AMR cannot be solved by any stakeholder alone.  To tackle AMR, it is crucial to maintain dialogue and commitment among all relevant stakeholders to accelerate the development of new vaccines, as well as improve access and coverage of existing vaccines that address antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

To win the AMR battle, innovation and collaboration are key!



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