New ETVAX® data will be presented during Vaccines for Enteric Diseases (VED) conference

The 9-11 October “Vaccines for Enteric Diseases” (VED2017) will be organized in Albufeira, Portugal. This meeting gathers experts on vaccines and enteric infections and advocates for global health improvement to address and discuss the diverse aspects of vaccines to human enteric diseases.

Our ETEC-vaccine, ETVAX®, is of course on the agenda when the global development of ETEC vaccines will be discussed. ETVAX® is seen as the most advanced ETEC candidate in clinical development which in several clinical trials has showed impressive results, been proven safe and shown a much better ability to activate the immune system than expected.

With regard to global public health issues, enteric diseases represent a major cause of infectious morbidity and mortality worldwide. The burden of diarrheal disease affects individuals of all ages but particularly young children, especially those living in poor regions where the disease is endemic. Diarrhea is also a health concern for international travelers to these areas.

Professor Ann-Mari Svennerholm from the University of Gothenburg will during VED chair a session on ETEC vaccines, while Dr Firdausi Qadri of icddr,b will present data from our Phase I/II study in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 450 study subjects were enrolled in this study where ETVAX® was tested for safety and immunogenicity in different age groups down to 6 months young infants.

Also professor Anu Kantele from the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital will give a presentation about ETVAX®. She will present our ongoing clinical Phase IIB study in Finnish traveller going to Benin in Africa. In this study safety, analytical methods and the vaccine’s protective efficacy will be evaluated in a travel population.

During the VED-meeting experts will meet to discuss strategies to prevent the diarrheal disease burden both in the industrialized and developing parts of the world.


Dr. Firdausi Qadri, Prof. Ann-Mari Svennerholm and Prof. Anu Kantele will present ETVAX® data during VED2017



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