Research & Development

Our development is mainly focused on developing the first vaccine in the world against Enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli (ETEC) induced diarrhoea. Our vision is to develop an ETEC vaccine with the potential of saving hundreds of thousand lives and preventing considerable physical suffering and malnutrition due to repeated bouts of diarrhea in children below five years of age in low- and middle-income countries. Furthermore, the vaccine has the potential to prevent the loss of millions of well-deserved holiday trips and negative long-term gastrointestinal syndromes due to travellers’diarrhoea.


ETVAX® is the registered trademark of Scandinavian Biopharma’s vaccine candidate against diarrheal disease caused by ETEC. ETVAX® is currently in Phase IIb clinical trials to evaluate safety and estimate the protective efficacy in 743 Finnish travellers to Benin. The study will be unblinded Q1 2020.

In parallel ETVAX® is tested in a late phase development program in Africa funded by EDCTP with 7,4 million Euro. The program consists of a Phase I age-descending trial in Zambia and a Phase IIb study in approximately 5000 Gambian children in The Gambia. ETVAX® is the only ETEC vaccine in late phase development and is judged as the most advanced ETEC vaccine project. The strong immunogenicity and safety clearly distinguish ETVAX® from other vaccine candidates that are under development against ETEC induced diarrhoea.

Successful development of this vaccine will address an unmet medical need of children in in low-middle income countries as well as travellers, as no licensed vaccine against this disease exists to date.

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Strategic partnerships

We believe that strong partnerships are of key importance to achieve our goals. The ETEC-vaccine program is run in close collaboration with the world’s most prominent experts in ETEC vaccine development.

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Development hub

Scandinavian Biopharma is an innovative company equipped to bring new vaccines to the market. We have invested in top class facilities including a pilot plant asset. Our laboratories are well-equipped for global vaccine development. We have the capabilities of up-stream and down-stream process development as well as development validation of analytical methods and product characterization. We have highly skilled and knowledgeable scientists, engineers, and technicians with a great track record of vaccine development. All activities are conducted according to GxP and ICH guidelines as required.