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2013 was another successful year with continued strong growth for Scandinavian Biopharma. Revenue growth landed at impressive 78% in 2013, as revenues for the group increased from 16.5 million SEK in 2012 to 29.4 million SEK in 2013. In 2013 the distribution business, the group’s growth engine, accounted for 24 million in sales which represents 71% growth over the previous year. Distribution operations are conducted through the subsidiary Scandinavian Biopharma Distribution.

Scandinavian Biopharma business has demonstrated strong organic growth since the company was launched in late 2009. 2011 the company grew by 30%. It was followed by a growth in 2012 of 133% and 78% in 2013.


For the distribution business, sales have increased from 1.8 million SEK (2011), 14.1 million SEK (2012) to 24.1 million SEK in 2013. Corresponding to a growth with impressive 670% in 2012 and 71% in 2013.


The growth rate can be explained by new collaborations in both research and development and successful introduction of new vaccines and immunoglobulins in the Nordic countries. “It’s great to see the company’s positive development both for the development of our new travelers’ diarrhea vaccine and our achieved sales growth within the marketing company.” Says CEO Björn Sjöstrand.



For further information, please contact:
Björn Sjöstrand, CEO: +46 (0)727-125 120, Bjorn.sjostrand@scandinavianbiopharma.se



About Scandinavian Biopharma
Scandinavian Biopharma is a research Swedish biotech company that distributes, markets and sells vaccines and immunoglobulins on the Nordic market. Along with the U.S., PATH Vaccine Solutions and the University of Gothenburg, we develop a new a diarrhea vaccine for use in both the Third World and for tourists traveling to tropical destinations.



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