Scandinavian Biopharma provides seasonal gifts already during the beginning of November because of the pandemic

The corona pandemic has brought suffering, fear and death. Behind every registered case there is a human being. In countries, with poor health infrastructure and financial support, the pandemic is hitting even harder.

The orphanages in the neighborhood of Grand Popo in Benin, where we conducted our phase 2b study, has been short of food supplies. The traditional donors have not had the financial ability during the pandemic. The local economies are badly affected. We received alarming reports about the situation from our partners.

Thanks to generous contributions from our employees and from the company, we help 150 children at three different orphanages around Grand Popo with rice, beans, spaghetti, tomatoes and cooking oil.

The cost per child and day is less than 0,2 EUR, so we can help many children!

For several years we have supported the orphanages in Grand Popo by donating food, medicines and other supplies to improve the situation for the children. This extra ordinary initiative will be followed by traditional seasonal gifts during December. Traditional gifts to us means helping local communities. There is a tremendous need for support.



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