We are excited to be a part of the upcoming “New Horizons in Biologics & Bioprocessing”

New Horizons in Biologics & Bioprocessing will be held at Life City in Stockholm on December 14th. The event will place a strong emphasis on exploring new directions, R&D advancements, and improvements in biologics and bio-processing. The forum will cover crucial areas such as analytical techniques, cell culturing, upstream processing, downstream processing, single-use systems, gene therapy, and critical regulatory issues.

One of the speakers at the event our is VP CMC Development, Christine Hägglund. She will present our ETEC vaccine candidate, a quite complex product that is composed of six different drug substance components – included in two drug products.

New Horizons in Biologics & Bioprocessing is a great platform for professionals in the biotech, pharma, and academia sectors to come together and explore the latest developments in biologics and bio-processing.

We look forward to see you there!



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