Reckitt appoints Scandinavian Biopharma as the Distributor for the Nutramigen products in the Nordics

Reckitt has appointed Scandinavian Biopharma as the distributor for their Nutramigen products in the Nordic region. These products are classified as Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP) and are used by infants and toddlers with cow’s milk protein allergy.

“Nutramigen is the latest addition to our innovative product portfolio in child health. We are incredibly proud to launch these products as part of our commitment to improving children’s health,” says Björn Sjöstrand, CEO of Scandinavian Biopharma.

Nutramigen is a global leader in the dietary treatment of cow’s milk protein allergy. The scientific evidence, supported by documentation from over 70 clinical studies and extensive clinical experience, is impressive.

Cow’s milk protein allergy is an immunological reaction to one or more proteins in cow’s milk and is the most common food allergy in childhood. It is common for this allergy to be the first step in an “allergic march” – a progression where different allergies follow one another. Therefore, infants with cow’s milk protein allergy have a higher risk than average of developing asthma, eczema, and other food allergies. It is therefore essential to introduce correct specialized nutrition as early as possible.

“This initiative supports our overall strategy to give people around the world a longer and better life. Our shared goal, both for Nutramigen and for our world-leading ETEC vaccine project, where we are developing the world’s first vaccine against diarrhoea caused by ETEC, is to improve the quality of life for children by offering high-quality healthcare products,” Björn Sjöstrand concludes.




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