Scandinavian Biopharma enters into a commercial collaboration with Novavax in Sweden

Scandinavian Biopharma and Novavax have signed a commercial collaboration agreement for the Covid vaccine Nuvaxovid. Nuvaxovid is an adjuvanted protein-based vaccine that protects against SARS Covid-19.

Scandinavian Biopharma has extensive experience in the sale and marketing of vaccines. As of October 2022, the company is the representative for Nuvaxovid on the Swedish market and will assist Novavax with the sales and marketing of the vaccine.

The Public Health Agency today recommends Nuvaxovid both as a primary vaccination and as a booster dose for people over 30 years of age.

“We are grateful to have been trusted to represent Novavax on the Swedish market. Nuvaxovid is currently the only protein-based vaccine available on the Swedish market. For us being a Swedish company it’s very exciting that Nuvaxovid has a strong connection to Sweden since the vaccine’s adjuvant, Matrix-M, has been developed and is now also being manufactured in Uppsala,” says Björn Sjöstrand, CEO of Scandinavian Biopharma.

Björn Sjöstrand, CEO Scandinavian Biopharma; Magnus Sävenhed, Managing Director Novavax SE; Jörgen Persson, Head of Customer Engagement and Market Access Europe Novavax; Jonas Bengtsson, VP Business Development Scandinavian Biopharma



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