Scandinavian Biopharma donates mosquito nets to orphanages in Benin – a gift that saves lives

After our phase 2b study in Grand Popo, Benin, we at Scandinavian Biopharma have made many friends and new contacts in this nice, but poor country. We have a special bond with the children in the orphanages in and around Grand Popo, whom we have supported in various ways in recent years. Through our friends on site, we can ensure that our gifts reach the children who need them the most.

Respiratory infections, diarrhoeal diseases and malaria are the most common causes of death in children under five. For malaria, most deaths occur south of the Sahara, where Benin is located. The best way to protect children in vulnerable areas is to allow them to sleep under mosquito nets, as the disease is spread by infected mosquitoes. This is where we can help and make an important contribution. We have just delivered over 300 impregnated mosquito nets to three different orphanages via our contacts in Benin. In this malaria-prone area, all the children and young people between 4 and 18 years, will now be able to sleep safely under these high-quality mosquito nets.

The mosquito nets provide a simple but vital protection for these children.
A gift that saves lives!



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