10/10 Marks A Day to Bring Awareness to One of The Rarest Bleeding Disorders

We are proud to partner with Bio Products Laboratory (BPL) in recognizing the Hereditary Factor X (10) Deficiency Awareness Day on October 10, 2022. This is a day to encourage education and awareness around a very rare bleeding disorder – Hereditary Factor X Deficiency.

About one in a million people have Hereditary Factor X Deficiency, which may cause unusual or excessive bleeding or bruising, heavy menstrual bleeding in women, painful or swollen joints, nose bleeds, and bleeding gums. Serious bleeding in the brain or stomach is also possible. Because the symptoms are so varied, patients may suffer for years before being diagnosed. Thankfully, a simple blood test can be done to determine whether someone has the disorder, and it can be treated with plasma-based treatments.

To learn more about Hereditary Factor X Deficiency, visit https://www.hemophilia.org/bleeding-disorders-a-z/types/other-factor-deficiencies/factor-x.



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