Scandinavian Biopharma and Neovii extend and expand their distribution agreement for the transplantation product Grafalon

Scandinavian Biopharma Distribution AB has extended and expanded its distribution agreement with Neovii Pharmaceuticals AG. This collaboration involves an extension of the agreement for the immunosuppressive drug Grafalon (anti-human T-lymphocyte immunoglobulin, ATLG) in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, and now also includes Finland, thus encompassing all the Nordic countries.

Grafalon is an antibody-based medication that is crucial in suppressing immune reactions during organ and stem cell transplantation. By reducing the risk of organ rejection and graft-versus-host disease (GvHD), Grafalon improves patients’ outcomes in transplantations.

Lisa Sandberg, Marketing Manager at Scandinavian Biopharma, enthusiastically states, “The expanded distribution agreement marks an important milestone for the collaboration between the companies. Our collaboration is a key driver for advancing and improving the care and lives of those in need of transplantation.”

Björn Sjöstrand, CEO of Scandinavian Biopharma, expresses gratitude for continuing to represent Neovii and to bring Grafalon to more patients in need in the Nordics.

Christian Loss, CEO Neovii; Lisa Sandberg, Marketing Manager Scandinavian Biopharma; Alfred Doucette, CFO Neovii; Alexandre Sudarskis, Member of the Board Neovii



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